Look: De Lima do her job as senator inside her detention cell


A photo published by the New York Times showed the current situation of Senator Leila De Lima inside her detention cell went viral after it got different reaction from the netizens.

The photo shows the lady senator still doing her job as a public servant despite of being detained inside the Philippine National Police Detention Center in Camp Crame.

De Lima’s jail became her new office because she’s still a public official despite of being detained after being charged of illegal drug charges.

The photo also showed that De Lima is relieving her stress by using exercising using her dumbbells.

Some of her supporters praised the lady senator for showing that she was not being affected by the challenges that she’s facing right now.

But critics of De Lima questioned the alleged VIP Treatment gave to the lady senator when the photo was uploaded in “We Are Collective” blog.

Some critics said that a public servant who allegedly protected the illegal drug trade in the Philippines doesn’t deserve any VIP treatment.

Before her arrest, Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption (VACC) said that the lady senator must be imprisoned in a normal cell, but De Lima said that she’s worried about her security so the PNP offered their detention center for the alleged drug protector.

Despite of being detained, De Lima can still voice out opinion and criticize the current administration by writing letters that she often sent to the media.



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