Pope Francis to bless President Rodrigo Duterte – Peace Adviser Dureza


Pope Francis said that he would bless the President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte, a good news announced by Presidential adviser for peace Jesus Dureza.

Presidential Peace Adviser Jesus Jess Dureza met Pope Francis in Vatican to deliver the letter of President Duterte Photo: Jesus Dureza Facebook

Jesus Dureza were shocked when he the leader of the biggest religion in the world said that he would also bless the President of the Philippines.

In his letter President Duterte assured his respect and highest esteem to Pope Francis.Letter of President Rodrigo Duterte to Pope Francis Photo: PCO

“I said: “Bless the Philippines, Your Holiness” Pope Francis: “I will also bless your President”.” Peace adviser Dureza quoted.

President Rodrigo Duterte faced controversy after he accidentally cursed Pope Francis during one of his speeches.

The Filipino Bishops were also opposed the actions of Duterte against illegal drugs that makes the President angry and makes him criticize the Catholic Church in his several speeches. [source]



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