Ping Lacson lambasts a Senator “Bakit kailangan lahat kaming kasama niyang Senador magalit sa Presidenteng ayaw niya?”


Senator Ping Lacson lambasted unnamed Senator on his Twitter Account Thursday night.

Lacson referring to a Senator who hates Rodrigo Duterte so much and labeled his colleague who decided to support the President as ‘worthless’.

“Bakit kailangang lahat kaming kasama niyang senador magalit din sa presidenteng ayaw niya at kapag hindi, walang kwenta lahat kami? Ano yun?”

— PING LACSON (@iampinglacson) 7:44 AM – 3 Nov 2016

Senator Leila De Lima and Senator Antonio Trillanes are the known members of the Senate who criticised President Duterte in his war against drugs.

Recently, Trillanes called other senators as Duterte apologists and called them as the puppies of the current administration.

“Bakit ba kayo tumakbo, para maging tuta ng isang administrasyon? Or para sabihin ‘yung tama, itulak ‘yung tama?” Trillanes said during a press conference yesterday.

Trillanes also claimed that there are more than 10 Senators who are unhappy with Duterte’s Presidency, but he didn’t named them.

Some followers of his tried to guess the Senator that Lacson referred.

source: pinoytrending.altervista.org



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