Vladimir Putin: I’m sure US Is Agitated By Your Announcement, Welcome To Russia Duterte


Russia President Vladimir Putin has praised Philippines President Mr.Rodrigo Duterte over the remarks he made while in China.

Putin has called on President Duterte to join hands in defending the people of Russia and Philippines saying that the United States must be disconcerted since Philippines is becoming independent under Duterte’s leadership.

“I’m sure the so called super power is unhappy with my brother Duterte, they do not want us united and independent. I want to tell Duterte that this is the high time Philippines, China and Russia joined hands to defend our land, we cannot allow neocolonialism in our countries.” Said Putin.

I’m in support of Duterte’s statement in China and I will support him till the end.” added Putin.

The Russia President was speaking in response to Philippines President’s quest for unity on Friday evening.

On Thursday, Duterte said during a trade forum in Beijing that “America has lost” and that he has realigned himself with China’s “ideological flow.”

“Maybe I will also go to Russia  to talk to Putin and tell him that there are three of us against the world- China , Philippines and Russia,” he said.




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